The ALT key allows you to create special symbols in the texts you type. Who does not know the famous combination ALT + 167 to create the famous “º” of ordinal numbers?

But with this key, you can create the most diverse symbols. Some that I did not even know existed until I see the table below. In it are all possible symbols to be created using this key on your Desktop. For notebooks, the process is a bit different, since most models available on the market do not have a numeric keypad. So how to make the symbols in the notebook? Just hold the “Fn” key and then the “Alt” key to make the middle of the keyboard one corresponding to the Num Lock. 
After this, the correspondence follows the following rule: M = 0, J = 1, K = 2, L = 3, U = 4, I = 5, O = 6,7 = 7,8 = 8, and 9 = 9 . Then, to make the “?” (Alt + 15) symbol on a notebook, you need to hold “Fn” and “Alt”, type “J” and “I” and then release all keys.


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