What is best website value calculator site?

It’s sad and embarrassing to see a website owner using an automated website valuation to justify the value of their website.

Hint: Don’t ever do this, serious website investors will think you are a fool.

There is a good article on Flippa in which the author tested one of the most popular automated website valuation calculators vs the actual selling price of a website. You can see the results in the graphic below, which illustrate just how inaccurate tools like this can be.

Source: How much is my website worth? Website valuations explained

Simply put, automated website value calculators do not work. They lack important metrics and miss too many factors which are considered by professional appraisers.

If you want an accurate valuation, you can get a free valuation from experienced online business broker at Dealflow: Free Professional Website Valuations

 I think there are many tools available online which calculate website value. But if you want to see all website stats and want to analyse your website like alexa rank, domain authority, visitors count, daily page view, website speed score, social media stats, top keywords, top traffic country etc. then you should visit Website Worth Calculator,Traffic,Price,Domain Value Checker. And for google keyword rank checker visit Google Keyword Position Checker, Google Keyword Rank Checker.
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Value calculators won’t give you a good answer and most of the time they will inflate your actual price way more than it’s actually worth.

For an example, I flipped a website for $500 and that was a great price to get. When I plugged in the url to a website value calculator I got a price of about $10k.




The most basic and accurate way to evaluate the price of your website is to calculate the average website income and multiply it by 12. This is the price investors are willing to make and not a dime over. Traffic means nothing without income. Yes, there will be people who would want to buy a high traffic unmonetized website but those cases are rare. Keywords also play a big role in website price. If you are ranked high for a high-volume keyword then you can ask even more for your website.

As I said, the basic calculation is average monthly income multiplied by 12. Here is a great article that you can read on website value and what you should look for when buying or selling a website – Take 5 to consider these essential web analytics basics when researching a website for sale


 Thomas Smale
Thomas Smale, Sold $100M+ of online businesses – FE International Founder Answered Feb 15 2017

Although fun, these websites are nothing but gimmicks as a few metrics in an automated tool cannot accurately tell you what you website is worth. There are far more other variables at play.

See this guide for more information about how website valuations are derived: How Do You Value A Website or Internet Business?

If you are selling a website, we can offer you a free valuation if you’re interested. Just fill out the short form here: Sell Your Website with FE International Website Brokers

Manupati Kishore
Manupati Kishore, m tech Computer Programming & Finance, Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Kakinada (2011) Answered Nov 9 2017

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