Here are the best plants to keep away flies and mosquitoes:

Here are the best plants to keep away flies and mosquitoes:

It’s irresistible for cats, but a fearsome weapon in the fight against mosquitoes and flies. This plant also known as catmint induces a state of bliss to cats, difficult to explain by scientists and works as a good repellent. It’s proved to be 10 times more effective keeping mosquitoes away than chemical solutions.

Lemon thyme is able to keep away 62% of mosquitoes. The percentage is the result of studies conducted by specialists from the University of Ontario who used to prepare organic plant repellent products.

Lavender is known for its ability to ward off flies and mosquitoes and they are beautiful and decorative plants perfect for window boxes, pots on patios or gardens. Lavender not only keep away flies and mosquitoes but also many other nasty insects.

Basil and marigold, reliable friends
Basil is the kind of plant that should be on any patio and in any yard. Besides its flavor and a great spice for food is an enemy to be feared for flies. It’s very good against mosquitoes, too. Basil’s flavor is very tonic.

Licorice is not only a beautiful plant and decorative, but also a natural solution against flies and mosquitoes. Licorice can grow for a meter and a half tall and is perfect to protect against insects. Plant licorice in the yard and gather licorice branches in a bundle and place it in the place where you sit the most.

Marigolds are plants with medicinal effects but more than that, marigolds not only keep away obnoxious pests (Colorado cockroach) they also keep away flies and mosquitoes.

Rosemary is the worst enemy against flies. Around him you won’t find any fly. Keep a bunch of rosemary in the house, and the place will be protected from flies. Change twigs after a few days like the anti-fly effect to persist. Also, it’s very effective rosemary natural oil. Put a few drops in water and spray around the house and for 24 hours flies won’t bother you.

Green garlic leaves, planted in the garden will keep away mosquitoes because they hate the smell of garlic.

Bonus tips! Plants aren’t the only barrier against flies and mosquitoes attack. All foods rich in vitamin B have the effect of removing flies and mosquitoes. Banana peel quickly soothes itching, as well as apple cider vinegar.

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