Twitter Limits for 2018

Last updated: 12/30/2017

Twitter is an amazing tool that can connect you to an unlimited number of people, virtually overnight. 

However, there are some Twitter limits you should be aware of – limits that can land you in Twitter jail if you’re not aware of them.

Most of the limits Twitter has placed upon users will likely never affect you because the scenario would probably never happen…however, there are a few that users (especially brand new users) should be aware of.

Check out this list of Twitter limits to make sure you stay out of Twitter jail.

1. You cannot follow more than 1,000 Twitter accounts per day.

Chances are (unless you’re a spammer) you won’t follow 1,000 accounts a day.  But we do know that following first is a great way to grow your account. Plus, here are 9 great ways to increase your Twitter followers that won’t land you in Twitter jail.

There is, however, an exception made for verified accounts. Now, Twitter hasn’t documented this (yet).  But after hearing rumors that verified accounts can follow an unlimited number of accounts per day, we’ve watched and seen that this limit must be lifted for at lease some verified accounts.

We’ve seen some accounts follow thousands upon thousands of accounts in a 24 hour period – and we get why. They are growing their own followers at an even faster rate because of it. Honestly, it’s pretty impressive to watch.

Is it fair? No, not really. Are we jealous? Yup, a little bit.

But at the end of the day, this just goes to show how effective a follow-first strategy can be to grow your Twitter account, even if you have to play by the rules and only follow a max of 1,000 per day.

2. Your tweets can only include 280 characters.

This may seem obvious and unnecessary to even mention if you’re using Twitter properly for tweeting. However, if you’re using a third party tool or creating your tweets in Word or Excel and bulk uploading them, this is a really important limit to keep in mind. If you exceed 280 characters your tweets may not go out at all or they may be truncated, decreasing the likelihood that anyone will engage with them. So make sure that you’re careful not to exceed 280 characters.

3. You can’t follow more than 5,000 people (unless you have enough people following you also).

Twitter has limits in place so that spammers won’t go out and follow thousands upon thousands of people. You can follow up to ,000 people before you’ll hit a wall. At that point, you can only follow 10% more accounts than those following you.

This is one of many reasons you need a good follower-to-following ratio. You don’t want to find yourself at 5,000 quickly without many accounts following you back. If you do, you’ll have to unfollow accounts in order to follow more.

Make sure you have a Twitter growth strategy in place in order to grow both the accounts you’re following and those following you at the same time.

4. You can only tweet 2,400 times per day.

Chances are this will never be an issue for you, and if it is, you definitely need to scale back on your tweets. Now, I will concede that this does include re-tweeting as well as @replying to other Twitter accounts.

Still, if you were (hypothetically) tweeting for 18 hours a day that would mean you would have to tweet an average of 133 times per hour, which is a little more than two times per minute. That’s a LOT of tweeting and you’re probably making your “fans” crazy if you’re that active.

But hey, it’s a Twitter limit that you should be aware of just in case.

5. You can only send up to 1,000 direct messages per day.

This is another Twitter limit that most of us will probably never have to worry about. In fact, with most services removing the auto-DM feature as Twitter is (finally) cracking down on this, it’s even less likely to occur. But if you’re somehow sending 1,000 direct messages a day, you’ll be maxed out.

6. You can only create up to 1,000 Twitter lists.

You can only create 1,000 Twitter lists and each list is limited at 5,000 accounts. Lists are definitely useful for cutting the clutter, developing or maintaining relationships, finding great content, or managing leads…but I can’t imagine the time it would take to create this many Twitter lists. If there’s anyone that’s run up against this limit, I’d love to hear what you’re up to in the comments section below! 

7. You can only change your account email four times per hour.

I’m sure Twitter has their reasons, but this limit actually makes me laugh. For the life of me, I can’t imagine someone needing to change their account email more than four times per hour. But just in case you’re incredibly indecisive when trying to establish who will manage your company’s Twitter account, you will hit a limit at four email changes. However, if you do have this happen, just relax, have a cup of coffee and try again after an hour.

8. Your Twitter username can only have 15 characters (but your display name can handle 50 now).

This is useful to keep in mind, especially if you’re trying to squeeze your entire business’s name into the username, aka handle – everything after the @. Also take note that your username can only contain letters A-Z, numbers and underscores. It can’t contain any other symbols or dashes.

But Twitter just recently made a change that your display name can be up to 50 characters (up from 20) and include special characters and emojis.

Final Thoughts

Hopefully you find this list helpful as you’re growing your Twitter account.

You’ll likely never be affected by the majority of these Twitter limits, but there are a few that you should definitely keep in mind (like the follower/following ratio) to stay out of Twitter jail.


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