BEAUTIFULLY BRANDED DOMAIN NAMES And Personalized Executive backup and/or sync services.

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We use only the best software available with such features as;
  • Synchronization
    • Powerful sync algorithm.
    • Bi-directional (Two way) and mono-directional (One way) sync mode.
    • Predefined sync modes for mostly used synchronizations
      • Mirror A -> B (incremental): Mirrors new and modified files from A to B.
      • Mirror B -> A (incremental): Mirrors new and modified files from B to A.
      • Synchronize A <-> B (incremental): Mirrors new and modified files in directories A and B to each other.
      • Synchronize A <-> B (custom): Custom mode to mirror directory A and B to each other with all advanced options.
      • Backup A -> B (full): Makes a full copy of directory A into directory B.
      • Restore B -> A (full): Makes a full copy of directory B into directory A.
      • Contribute A -> B (incremental): Mirrors only new files from directory A into directory B.
      • Contribute B -> A (incremental): Mirrors only the new files from directory B into directory A.
      • Synchronize A -> B (custom): Custom mode to synchronize directory A into directory B with all advanced options.
      • Synchronize B -> A (custom): Custom mode to synchronize directory B into directory A with all advanced options.
    • Highly customizable custom synchronization modes.
    • Compare files based on their modification dates, changes in their meta data (DOS attributes, POSIX group/ownerships/permissions) or file contents (deep content scan).
    • Option for various behavior of conflict resolution for Bidirectional Synchronization.
    • Synchronizes unlimited number of files and folders.
    • Large number of options to change the synchronization behavior.
    • Option to synchonise subdirectories recursively.
    • Synchronizes files/folders any file system (FAT, FAT16, FAT32, NTFS, WinFS, UDF, Ext2, Ext3, …).
    • Synchronizes files from/to network drives
    • Synchronizes files from/to any mounted devices (Harddisks, USB-Sticks, Memory cards, External drives, CD/DVD’s, …).
    • Synchronization could be used for making incremental backups.
    • Option to create up to 50 backups from the modified/changed files before synchronization.
    • Option to define a backup folder where DirSync Pro keeps tracks of files which are being overwritten.
    • Option for handling symbolic links.
    • Advanced options for handling time-stamps.
    • Option to define timestamp granularity.
    • Option to handle ‘daylight saving’ related timestamp granularity (useful when syncing with FAT file systems).
    • Option to preserve file meta data (DOS attributes, POSIX group/ownerships/permissions)
    • Option for real-time synchronization, to watch automatically a directory and start synchronization as soon as something is changed.
  • Schedule Engine
    • DirSync Pro has a powerful Schedule Engine with lots of features to run automated scheduled synchronzation tasks.
      • Once: Run sync tasks at a certain time in the future.
      • Minutely: Run sync tasks recurrently every X minutes.
      • Hourly: Run sync tasks recurrently every X hours.
      • Daily: Run sync tasks recurrently on a certain time daily.
      • Weekly: Run sync tasks recurrently on a certain time and in specific months every X weeks.
      • Monthly: Run sync tasks recurrently every month on day number X, on a certain time and in specific months.
  • Filters
    • DirSync Pro has comprehensive filters to include or exclude files and directories. The user can set up a combination of unlimited number of filters of the following types:
      • Filter based on string patterns in file/directory names, with wild cards and regular expression support.
      • Filter based on file sizes. (smaller than, equal, larger than).
      • Filter based on modification dates, both compared to a specific time (earlier than, on a date, later than), and based on some time unit compared to ‘now’ (like: files older than 3 months ago).
      • Filter based on an absoulte path.
      • Filter based on DOS attibutes (DOS/MS Windows only).
      • Filter based on file ownerships (user and group, POSIX only).
      • Filter based on file permissions (POSIX systems only).
  • General
    • Easy, clear and user-friendly graphical user interface, no unnecessary gadget you never use.
    • Runs on every modern operating system including Windows?, Linux? and Macintosh?
    • It is Portable! It does not need any installation. Just run the application!
    • Open source, it is 100% free of charge, 100% free of commercial text, 100% free of advertisements and 100% free of spyware.
    • No time/function limitations
    • Uses no local database, so no overhead
    • Does not need any installation. Just download and run it. You can put it on you USB-stick en you can run it on any computer/any platform.
    • Does not copy your files to a server on internet to synchronize your data. In this way you are totally in charge of your data.
    • Lets your create a command line and save it to a batch file to run a synchronization with one mouse click or in a batch.
  • Logging
    • Advanced logging/reporting facilities. Just select a log level and define where to write the log.
    • Option to log on application level (default log)
    • Option to log on each directory level (dir log)
    • Option to define the log leven (how much to log)


How much does it cost to maintain my website?


Once you have built your website or application, you may think the hard work is done. However, all websites and apps require maintenance to keep them working well. As people use the mobile app or website you have created, you will discover bugs that need to be addressed or features that need to be added. Hiring a dedicated programmer for your website or app can help you stay on top of maintenance issues, which can mean offering a better experience for your users.

Why You Need a Dedicated Programmer for Your Website or App

Many people work with a professional programmer to create their app or website, but assume they will be able to handle the maintenance requirements themselves. This assumption can lead to serious technical problems arising and not being addressed properly, which can waste a lot of time for your business and damage your reputation with your app users or website visitors. Don’t assume that maintaining a website or app is a trivial undertaking; instead, give the task of maintaining your online infrastructure the respect it deserves by hiring a dedicated programmer to handle it for you.


Can’t You Maintain Your Website or App Yourself?

When you don’t have a dedicated programmer in charge of the maintenance of your website or app, you can waste a lot of time chasing down bugs yourself. Even worse, your site may experience unplanned downtime because you neglected its maintenance needs, which can leave your users frustrated and angry. In general, trying to maintain your website or app without a dedicated programmer can be a huge time sink and distract you from the important business decisions you need to focus on.



What Does a Dedicated Programmer Do to Maintain Your Website or App?

A dedicated programmer works continuously to keep your website or app working as well as it can. As well as quickly responding to bug reports from users, a dedicated programmer can also monitor the overall performance of your app. In this way, you can quickly find out if your app or site is running slowly, which could indicate that the design is too resource-intensive or that you need to upgrade your server. When they are not responding to urgent problems, programmers can also work on implementing new features for your app or website, which could make it easier and more feature-rich for your users to enjoy.

Why Update Your App or Website?

If your app or website works, why should you update it? If your users love your site today, won’t they continue to love it in the future? Unfortunately, failing to update your site or app can quickly lead to it looking dated, which could drive your once-loyal followers away. Failing to offer the latest features on your website or relying on outdated design trends can tarnish the professional image of your brand that you have worked so hard to develop. Similarly, the app market is changing, which means you need to change what your app can offer to keep up with what the latest generation of mobile users wants and expects. Quality matters in the modern app market; users expect apps to work flawlessly at all times, and they won’t tolerate technical problems for long before they start thinking about switching to one of your competitors.

How to Choose a Programmer to Maintain Your Website or App

Choosing the right programmer for website or app maintenance is essential. Budget for $3000 to $4000 per month for a dedicated programmer or $25/hour on an hourly basis. You need someone who not only has the right technical skills to keep your website or app up to date, but also someone who can communicate clearly with you and your team. Finally, the programmer you choose to work with must fit into your overall budget. With so many people marketing themselves as programmers online, it can be difficult to know who to choose to manage the maintenance of your website or app.

You need a programmer with experience of working with many different types of apps, as well as someone who is comfortable taking action to quickly address bugs in your website. If you don’t have technical skills yourself, it can be difficult to determine whether a particular programmer has the right qualities to make them suitable for your maintenance needs. In this case, a good option is to work with a company that manages a global team of programmers, all of whom have been assessed to ensure they have the right skills to take on your project.


  • If you want something unique, custom built themes usually cost $1000 to $3,000. It depends on how much work goes into the design.
  • There is a gradient between using purchased templates and a custom built one. Purchased templates are customizable to an extent within their settings. A good coder can also revise the template to make it appear fully customized with half the work.
  • However, this makes the template impossible to update by the original designer (popular template providers are regularly updating their themes with new features), so carefully consider this avenue for the long-term implications.
  • Your website builder may or may not help you maintain the site. If not, you need a webmaster who will be your go-to man for monitoring it and making updates.
  • A webmaster can charge up to $150 an hour and package their services starting at 2-5 hours a month. There are smaller web design companies that charge $50 or less an hour. Skill level and responsiveness vary widely. Know what you need before looking around, and then check references. Nothing is more frustrating than an incapable or non-accessible webmaster.

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